Things You Didn’t Know about Metal Fabrication

Metal fabricating involves the forming, removal and joining of products such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, titanium and many other types of metals. It’s an absolutely fascinating craft, albeit we may be biased in thinking so. After all, those of us working in metal manufacturing and fabrication at Aggressive Tube Bending (we’re located in Surrey but service the Greater Vancouver Area and all of BC) are passionate about this art and science. Here are a few things about it you may not have known:

  • Metal fabrication processes are employed in the creation of more than half of all products in North America. This includes cars, computers, phones, planes, boats, bridges and many others. 

  • Before welding processes became modernized, the primary method of joining components of large structures was with the use of rivets. The Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia is a prime example. It’s the largest steel-arch bridge in the world and is held together by six million rivets. The titanic had three million rivets and the Eiffel Tower has two-and-a half million.

  • The average car undergoes hundreds of hours’ worth of metal fabrication before it hits the road. Comparatively, race cars undergo thousands of hours of metal fabrication to ensure the ultimate in performance and safety. 

  • It’s possible to weld under water. There are two methods for doing so: dry welding and wet welding. The former requires the use of an airtight dry chamber and the latter entails the use of a waterproof electrode that delivers approximately 400 amps of direct current to the object being welded.

  • Mercury is the metal with the lowest melting point and is the only metal that becomes liquid at room temperature. Tungsten is the metal with the highest melting point, and it must be exposed to 3,400 °C before becoming a liquid.

  • There are three established styles of metal based on depth. The most common is sheet metal, which ranges from 0.20mm to 6mm in thickness. The thinnest type is called foil or leaf metal and measures less than 0.20mm. The thickest is plate metal which has a depth greater than 6mm. 

Metal fabricating services
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