5 Types of Do-it-yourself Welding Projects to Try

If you love DIY projects and are skilled at using welding tools, then consider carving out some time to craft a tool, ornament, piece of furniture or other object for your home or garden. Don’t own your own welding tools? No problem. Many businesses in Vancouver, Surrey and surrounding areas are willing to rent them. Once you have the equipment and safety gear you need, here are a few types of projects to try.

  • Tables
    • Many types and styles of tables can easily be crafted in a short period of time. Coffee tables, side tables, console tables and dining tables are among the possibilities. A simple project for beginners involves welding several straight metal pieces together to create a frame and then securing metal slats on top that are evenly spaced. 

  • Shelving
    • Steel tubing can be used to create shelving that’s utilitarian (possibly for a garage or shed) but also suited for interior spaces that have an industrial or modern aesthetic. The steel tubing can be combined with wood planks or pieces of sheet metal, depending on the materials you have available. It’s also fairly easy to create metal brackets for hanging shelves, picture frames and other items to the wall. 

  • Decorative objects
    • Pieces of scrap steel can be transformed into vases. Metal tubing can be cut at a 45-degree angle and then connected with clean welds to create beautiful picture frames. Steel washers of assorted sizes can be welded together to fashion ornamental fruit bowls. Multiple horseshoes can be repurposed to craft a wine rack. 

  • Lamps 
    • Lamp bases, lampshades and light fixtures can easily be created from various types of metal. There are many unique and fashionable designs that can be created. Scrap steel, copper wire, chains, metal tubing and lace metal are just some of the possible materials that you can use to fashion beautiful and functional lighting for your home or business. 

  • Metal art
    • The possibilities for crafting art from metal are almost endless. An old bike chain can be made into a heart or gecko. Retired spoons pressed and connected to make a flower. Or, if you prefer something more abstract, various pieces of scrap metal assembled to create a piece of wall art. For more inspiration, simply Google “DIY metal art” to see the types of pieces artists and craftsy folk are creating.

For bigger welding projects
If you have a welding project in mind for your home or business that’s beyond the scope of what you can accomplish in your own workshop or garage, then contact Aggressive Tube Bending. Though we’re located in Surrey, we serve the entire Greater Vancouver Area and most of BC. Simply get hold of us today to get a free quote on your upcoming project.