11 Fun Facts about Steel

Carbon, stainless, tool and alloy. No matter what type of steel is used, this product’s virtues are indisputable. Strong and resistant to deterioration by corrosion, heat and pressure, steel has become the most used metal worldwide. Globally, its production and fabrication grosses billions of dollars in revenue each year and after oil and gas, it’s the most in demand resource. Curious to learn more about the fabricating and manufacturing of this metal? At Aggressive Tube Bending (we’re located in Surrey but serve the entire Greater Vancouver Area and most of BC), we’re happy to share what we know about this amazing alloy.

  • Steel is made up of iron and carbon but sometimes small amounts of other metals are added to the mix. According to the World Steel Association, there are over 3,500 grades of steel, each with its own chemical and physical attributes. Most of these have been developed in the last 25 years. 

  • China produces and consumes more steel than any other country, accounting for one third of global consumption and production. Japan and America respectively take second and third place. 

  • Steel is the most recycled material on the planet and can be reused indefinitely without losing its integrity. In North America, 80 million tonnes of steel are recycled annually. 

  • Thanks to its “steel-plated” shell composed of iron sulphite granules, the samurai snail can withstand attacks from most predators. 

  • Steel was first used in the construction of a skyscraper in 1884. The building erected was the Home Insurance Building in Chicago. 

  • Metal manufacturing can be traced back to ancient times. The earliest examples of steel were discovered in ironware and weapons that can be traced back to 1,800 BC.

  • Steel can be as much as 1,000 times stronger than iron. 

  • Typically, household appliances are made up of approximately 75 per cent steel and steel in computers comprises about 25 per cent. 

  • Steel soap is an inexpensive product available for purchase from many retailers. It’s purported that it can neutralize strong odours such as those that come from handling garlic, onions and fish. 

  • Of all building materials, steel provides the highest strength-to-weight ratio. It’s also the most economic. 

  • The most corrosion-resistant type of steel is stainless steel. It contains approximately 10 per cent nickel and 20 per cent chromium. 

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